Artist, Coder and Multimedia Developer.Based on Córdoba, Argentina. From 1995 to 1999 he studied at the UNC Musical Composition Degree (Córdoba). He performs clinics, workshops and seminars on sound and visual arts. As well as computer programming courses.

From 2002, he began to work with new media applied to art and communication, and began to develop as a programmer and designer of web and multimedia applications.

In 2008 he received the specialization for the course "Specialization in Video and Digital Technologies Online / Offline" UNESCO MECAD / ESDi taught at the National University of Córdoba. He was tutor of the postgraduate program in Medial Arts of the National University of Córdoba 2009-2014. As of 2008, he studied Multimedia Design at the IES Siglo 21 Institute where he has been teaching since 2019.

As a designer, in 2012 he co-founded the Jumelab Interactive Design and Communication Studio, developing interventions and interactive applications for communication of brands and institutions such as: Pepsi, Osde, Pintecord, Disney, Tu Discovery Kids, Bancor, Municipality of Córdoba, University Nacional de Córdoba, Instituto de Hemoderivados de Córdoba, among others.

As an artist, he experiments with new technologies applied to art, creative programming and interactivity, participating in collective artistic creations, as well as being linked to the development of sound, visual and multimedia works by different prominent artists in the medium.

His current line of work is based on generative or procedural processes applied to the creation of digital images. These processes use computational algorithms that trigger different operations that go from generation to dislocation of the image in a more or less random manner. The focus is mainly on the creation of these algorithms that works as matrixes of prints in the digital age.