Aura Palimpsest












I am an algorithmic artist and creative coder based in Argentina. I develop my art under the concept of “generative art”.

My line of work focuses on exploring the tension between the synthetic and its relationship with the senses. In other words – how starting from a simple geometric shape – sensations that evoke memories of our senses can be expressed and transmitted.

The compositions begin from simple elements that, through repetitions, build increasingly complex layers. I use processes inspired by the aesthetics of error, such as the fragmentation and deconstruction of the image that incorporates deformations, movement, temporality and transformation.

The format I use in my work is digital and varies from stills to animation. Sometimes I include elements of sound as part of this sensory search.

In a deeper layer, perhaps more personal and subjective, my recurrent inspiration comes from an introspection in an imaginary state of bodies in outer space. A lonely and ambiguous feeling. In this state of isolation from the senses, what we have left are the memories of those senses.