Fork me or merge me

See collection at opensea

Fork and Merge are words used in various disciplines of computing. Here they are used to refer to the great event of Ethereum that moves from the POW (proof of work) consensus system to the POS (proof of stake). When there are important updates like this one, happened on September 15, 2022 at block height 15537393 in “The Merge” event, there are nodes that do not agree, and they can perform a hard fork, that is, they keep or make a new network and take a different path. Without going into so many technical details, this project used the idea and excuse of creating the contract before the event, where there may or may not be a fork of the network, if there is, the contract will be in both networks.

This excuse helped me to start a simple project that I wanted to do for a long time: create a smart contract that could host NFTs fully stored in the blockchain. The motivation was the challenge of learning more about this technology from the programming of a contract, which has the ability to create NFTs. 5 NFTs were created before block 15537393 (last block on POW) and 5 after this block, already with the POS consensus.

The collection has 10 different images made in SVG format using the id of the generated token to make variations,

  • Line weight = id number (1 to 10) times 5
  • Transform speed from 30s to 120s
  • Colors = alternate black and white

contract: 0xFd5a5175BD9F9d5FB77882b663323617c03510bd (etherscan)