Crece (It grows)

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What is the shape of the metaphor?

Crece (It grows) is the manifestation of the metaphor in relation to materiality and abstraction.
Only sensations that escape the everyday. The time in which it is built and grows, shows and hides ungraspable instants. In any case: What shape would the metaphor take before it grew or manifested?

This project is based on the investigation of the algorithm used in “99 recorridos” and has to do with three questions, the animated effect of growth of the drawing that resembles roots as in “99 recorridos”, but in this case it does not evoke the natural, but the artificial with the inclusion of harsher, straighter lines that is more closely to sci-fi imagery. Second, it has to do with the growth of the algorithm, from new lines of code that give it its personality. Thirdly, a metaphorical, imaginary and internal growth that arises from that dialogue that enriches our souls in this coexistence.

Playing with features:

-Oldness of the metaphor
-Growth impulse of the shape
-Growth duration
-Pigmentary composition of the metaphor
-Shape of the metaphor
-The moment


[1,2,3] -> change pixel density. Be aware for the file size in render. (Or can be passed via url ?pd= different numbers)
[s] -> download canvas capture. Different pixel density, different sizes.
[double tap] -> download canvas capture on mobile
[L] -> (loop/noLoop) what happens if it doesn’t stop?